Morro de Gos Beach


“We may be better or worse people, happy or miserable, successful or failing, but what we are, within these wider categories, how we define ourselves, as opposed to how we are genetically defined, is what we call «taste». Yet the word – perhaps because of its broad catchment area – easily misleads. «Taste» can imply calm reflection: while its derivatives – tasteful, tastefulness, tasteless, tastelessness – lead us into a word of minute differentations, of snobbery, social values and soft furnishings. True taste, essential taste, is much more instinctual and unreflecting. It says Me, here, now. (…) Falling in love is the most violent expression of taste known to us.”
Pulse • Julian Barnes

Morro de Gos, Orpesa #oropesa #castelló #comunitatvalenciana #españa #mediterranean #sea #sunrise

Localización: Morro de Gos Beach

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